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Lynn Manning Ross has helped nearly 800 clients globally achieve success through the creation of highly competitive business models, marketing analysis and plans, and website integration. captures this practical, hands-on experience to show you how smart business owners plan to be rich.

Since 1987 she has worked, lived, and traveled throughout Northern, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa providing management training to private companies, investment banks, and conducted business clinics at the International Management School, Warsaw University in Poland and at Russian State University in Moscow, Russia; and workshops at UCLA Extension, CA State University and professional membership organizations (see logos below).

In addition to being a published business author, writer and journalist, Ms. Ross has assumed many leadership roles: Among others, this includes developing a K-12 training program in cultural awareness.entitled World Kids Cookout. The program was supported by teachers in 32 countries and acknowledged by the U.S. State Department, school publications worldwide and International School Services. Ms. Ross also founded Smart Site featuring mobile eBook conversion services and is one of only 15 conversion houses worldwide recommended by Mobipocket, an Amazon company. In 2007 and again in 2010, she was recognized at an authors' reception by the San Diego Public Library, The Mayor and City Council of the City of San Diego and The Board of Library Commissioners.

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